Zmajevac (Várhegy)

Zmajevac (Várhegy) - High loess aluvial terrace in Zmajevac (Vukmanić 2013)Location: Zmajevac (Várhegy)
Roman name: Ad Novas
Type of site: fort, settlement?
Dating: 3rd – 4th c.
Surface: 1.5 ha

In late 19th c. it was noted that the foundations of the fort (sic) Ad Novas in Zmajevac were rectangular, 200 m long and 90 m wide. However, modern aerial photographs clearly show the dimensions are smaller than previously stated.
There are many in Zmajevac area water springs and the site is strategically well situated on a high loess plateau near a road that was documented even in prehistoric times. Until now, the site has not been researched. If research proves there was a military fort there, equites Dalmatae Novas and the legio VI Herculia detachment could have been stationed there in the 4th c.
Zmajevac (Várhegy) - Late Roman site Ad Novas (Vukmanić 2009)
In 2013, archaeological survey in the direction of the gas line right under the plateau where there a military camp or a Late Antique settlement could be, detected remains of a Roman necropolis. Material from Zmajevac is stored in museums in Croatia and Hungary.