South East Europe – Danube Limes Brand

Archaeological Museum Osijek applied in 2011 as a partner institution from Croatia for the EU programme IPA-I South East Europe. After the application and the cost estimates were approved, funds were granted to project partners from nine institutions in seven Danube countries and Italy in the total amount of 1,139,782 euros.
The Danube Limes Brand project aims to raise awareness among Danube region population about the importance of protecting the remains of Roman imperial frontiers. From 2012 to 2014, experts from the Museum of Slavonia (curators Igor Vukmanić and Marina Kovač) systematically worked on gathering archive documentation from heritage institutions domestically and abroad, organizing geophysical surveys above archaeological localites in Batina, creating visual concepts to present the Ad Militare Roman fort in Batina, presenting the Danube Limes system in Croatia, making the information panel in Batina and participating at project’s workshops abroad.