The Bratislava Group

The Bratislava Group consists of experts and scientists from the countries that have included their national sections of the Limes on the World Heritage list, countries that have nominated their Limes for the list and delegates from countries that have applied for the UNESCO tentative list. The members of the Group meet to discuss how to document the Limes sites, how to build an international and national database and establish a standard for managing the site. The Group is trying to set a scientific framework for the whole Site and bridge the differences which come from individual research traditions. The first meeting of the Group took place in Bratislava in 2003, which is how it got its name. The long term goal is to include all the appropriately preserved sections of the Limes in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa on the UNESCO list (map 1).
The Croatian delegate in the Bratislava Group is Igor Vukmanić, curator and archaeologist at the Museum of Slavonia in Osijek, which is where the national database is located for that section of the Limes.