Location: Petrijevci?
Roman name: Mursella?
Type of site: military camp?
Dating: 1st c.

The Roman writer Ptolemy mentions a place called Moursella, which is, according to the Hierosolymitanum itinerary referred to as mutatio Mersella. As Mursa minor the site is mentioned in the Tabula Peuntingeriana and Ravennatis’s Cosmography, stating that it is younger (minor) than Mursa (maior), whose name it has taken.
In late 1st c. Mursella might have been a legionary camp. If legions IX Claudia and XXX Ulpia were stationed in Pannonia after the First Dacian War in the 2nd c., the latter could have been situated in Mursella. Perhaps in the 89 – 90 AD legion XXI Rapax also camped there, but the same place is related to a legionary camp of XIIII Gemina. In the foundations of the Sveti Rok Chapel in Petrijevci a stamped brick of legio VI Herculia (3rd – 4th c.) is documented.
Mursella could have been located on the north of Petrijevci and destroyed by a brick factory. Allegedly, the cemetery in Petrijevci is surrounded by ditches. However, there is no clear information regarding the position of the Roman fortress in Petrijevci.