The seating of the Danube Limes in Croatia

Due to geomorphologic features in Osijek-Baranja County, Limes sites in Croatia can be found as far as 15 km away from the Danube. The road built by the Romans from the north to the south by the right Danube bank, in modern-day Croatia was constructed from Batina (Ad Militare), then Zmajevac (Ad Novas), on the edge of Baranja diluvial terrace, down to Kneževi Vinogradi (Donatianae?), Lug (Albanum?), Kopačevo (Ad Labores?) and/or Bilje (map 2). The road went further towards Osijek and/or Nemetin, and Dalj (Teutoburgium), Sotin (Cornacum) and Ilok (Cuccium) in regions of Slavonia and Srijem. It is only south of Vukovar where limes was built immediately next to the Danube.
Osijek - Roman spolia on the site of Hadrians bridge (Vukmanić 2011)
From geographical, economical, political and a military point of view, the Limes was not separated from its background, so its integrity was secured by the rivers Vuka, Ervenica, Bosut, Spačva, Strudva, Biđ and Berava, an area of the Sava River that was connected with Drava River via a water channel.